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Small tales that will make your English great

To read the original texts of great authors and refine the knowledge of English. To discover unfamiliar stories with the help of a reader’s guidebook and to collect them in a special edition to browse and enjoy at leisure.
The Twin stories project, a periodical publication of a series of short stories by some of the most important British and American writers, offers these opportunities to everyone by setting the original text, and the translation with explanatory notes, on facing pages.
The publication will consist of 40 volumes with texts selected from the repertory of nineteenth and early twentieth century English language fiction, which offers ample material for study and entertainment. The series can be further extended by publishing additional volumes based on the same criteria.



Each volume will have:

  • A brief introduction to the historical and literary context of the story and the author to focus attention on the distinguishing characteristics of the story and its protagonists.
  • The original text of the story.
  • The translation on the facing page.
  • A series of explanatory notes, adapted to various levels of proficiency in English, providing short introductions to typical expressions, special use of certain terms and notes regarding the translation, available for immediate consultation so as to obtain maximum benefit from the comparison of the face-to-face versions.
  • A summary sheet of the work, a sort of story outline: Author, Background, Characters, Date of publication and Quotes. In addition, background information will be added as relevant to each short story.



    The reader will be guided through the opportunity to read the original English text, discovering the fascination of the citations, memorable opening lines and the author’s stylistic characteristics. Approaching stories with the outstanding stylistic characteristics of great writers, whether well-known or not, will expand the capacity to comprehend written language by focusing on the language itself and the effects the authors have achieved through their particular means of manipulating it. The didactic structure will provide readers with the instruments to approach the stories in the original language on their own and enrich their understanding of the text, in addition to providing thematic and contextual guidelines.

    Readers will also have the possibility to exercise oral comprehension as well by listening to the texts read in English, which will be available only to subscribers on the web.

    The series has been distributed in Italy by Corriere della Sera (2012) in newstands for a limited number of days only

    Now available in Italian

    Rights: All languages

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