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Masterpieces of Art

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From the painting to its world – from the world to the painting: Masterpieces of Art brings you to  discover one by one the most famous paintings of all times, and leads you to the heart of the civilization which gave birth to them.

Each volume is devoted to a single masterpiece - a most representative of its time - drawing an ideal path that runs from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth century. An insight into the artwork, enriched by splendid reproductions and details, is followed by the biography of the artist within his historical and cultural context: the approach is  simple and direct, starting from the work and extending the analysis to its cultural world.


Masterpieces of Art teaches you how to look at the past through the precious mirror of the history of art.





Each volume has the following structure:

· The Masterpiece – it is analyzed according to its subject, its composition and comparisons with other works. Richly illustrated, it is also accompanied by a critical reading.

· The Artist – the life of the artist, from his early works to his artistic maturity.

· His Time - the artistic and cultural environment of the artist is explained by illustrating and analyzing the major figures who played an essential role in the artistic development of his time.

The series has been distributed in France in the newstands only, for a limited  number of days,

by Le Monde (2013) and Le Figaro(2014), in the  French language

A  similar edition has been distributed in Italy,by Corriere della Sera in newsstand only for a limited number of days,  in Italian

Rights: all Languages

Now available in French and italian

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