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Now I Can

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I’d like to check my mail box anytime.
I’d like to share the pictures I’ve just taken with my friends.
I’d like to read my favourite newspaper on the iPad.
I’d like to save money on my purchases.
I’d like to organize my next big party through Facebook.
I’d like to create a videoconference with people in London, Beijing, Barcelona and New York whilst on holiday.

There’s a lot of things I can do, BUT... do I really know everything about this? Is there anything I am missing? From now on, NOW I CAN allows me to communicate, share, interact, work, travel, have fun – online!



The project is structured as a series of thematic guides conceived to help the reader to explore all types of digital technology. Each guide provides a vast array of directions, suggestions and all necessary information to get an effective understanding of a specific area.
Each guide is organized as follows:

  • A general overview
  • A series of questions\answers on the activities one is able to do
  • Accompanied by many step-by-step explanations. These are aimed at giving effective and concrete help to any reader needing support completing the various actions
  • A glossary devoted to specific key-words, enabling the reader to properly use the new technology language, and useful for individual searches on the web
  • A list of sources available online
  • The guides are conceived as small, user-friendly booklets, technologically neutral, thus enabling the reader to use them independently from any device.
    The publications might be accompanied by a mini-site online and\or a web-application providing further contents and help (e.g., video lessons).


    1 – Always connected
    Smartphone, tablet and apps

    2 – Communicating
    Social network and chat

    3 - Sharing
    Music, videos, photos

    4 – Being informed
    Blogs and news

    5 – Shopping
    E-commerce and travel

    6 – Playing
    Web, apps and consoles

    7 – Working
    Jobs and services

    8 – Taking pictures
    Photo retouch and sharing

    The series has been distributed in Italy with Panorama (2011) in newstands for a short number of days only

    Rights: All languages

    Now available in Italian

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