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Collection "The Bible in Art"

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After the great success of ScalaGroup’s The Bible (distributed in Italy by two leading daily newspapers, La Repubblica and Corriere della Sera), we have developed an innovative edition based on the main verses of each book of the Old and New Testaments, lavishly illustrated by the most beautiful artistic representations of Bible stories.
This collection, comprising 12 volumes (160 x 230 mm) of 112 pages each, includes more than one thousand artistic renditions of biblical themes.
Each volume is structured as follows:

An introduction to each book;

A selection of the most important verses from each book, illustrated by works of art that refer specifically to the same verses.

The series has been distributed in various countries:
in France with L’Express (2009);
in France with Eyrolles (single volume, 2010)
in Croatia with Vercenij List (2010)
in The Netherlands with KOK Uitgeverij (2010).
Now available in French, Dutch, Croatian. Also available in French in a larger format of 256 pages
Rights: All languages except French
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