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Collection "The Universal History of Art"

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The Universal History of Art is an impressive work in 28 volumes, ten thousand images, over eight hundred artist biographies and six thousand years of history.

The quality of the iconographic corpus is such that the work represents a unique visual encyclopedia; the easy-to-use layout makes consultation quick and efficient; the accuracy of the linear texts and the completeness of the information, all contribute to a high-quality, authoritative and reliable work of art history for both a knowledgeable and a general readership.. 

The series is subdivided into four main sectionsWestern Art, World Art, Archeology, Illustrated Dictionaries.

Western Art: 11 volumes of about 400 pages and over 500 large-size pictures of high visual impact..

World Art: A unique work of its kind, this section includes 7 volumes, each one introducing a different  civilization. In a simple, straightforward style, authoritative texts describe highly complex, far-off cultures, in time and in space. Each volume is an important reference on the subject.

Great Dictionaries: An exceptional quantity of information is collected in this innovative publishing format . The first volume is 800 pages long and contains 1800 illustrated biographies of artists, from ancient times to present day. The second volume of over 300 pages is dedicated to art terminology, and includes all the information needed to learn about materials and techniques relating a  work of art.

Archeology: A series of 8 volumes with a myriad of spectacular pictures accompanied by accurate, detailed texts. A unique visual companion, each volume contains 350 pages illustrated by over 400 pictures.

Such a fascinating and comprehensive collection represents a unique and authoritative companion for its imagery and  texts, and is aimed at both the expert and the simply curious reader.

Now available in Italian, French, Portuguese, Hungarian, Polish

Rights: All languages except Russian, Polish, Hungarian

The series has been distributed for a limited number of days , only in the newsstands:

in Italy with L’Espresso (2003)
in Italy with Il Sole 24 Ore (2005)
in Portugal with Publico (2006)
in France with Le Figaro (2007)
in Hungary with Corvina (2007)
in the United States with Barnes (2007)
in Italy with Corriere della Sera (2008)
in Poland with Arkady (2010)


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