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There’s a feeling in the air, a feeling that we could make much better use of our brains. Of course, this need has always been there, but today it has become more acute. In our society based on knowledge, people sense that having success or achieving their objectives depends on their capacity to make better use of their minds than their adversaries.
A number of indicators, from some well-publicized scientific discoveries to the success of Sudoku and specialized videogames, have already alerted the public to the fact that brain performance can be improved by using the right techniques and exercises. In addition, many people enjoy these games and have developed a real passion for them.
However, this demand comes from a variety of needs; a wish to be more important, desire for more profound self-knowledge, taste for a challenge, curiosity about the new class of designers, a need for new skills to improve performance on the job, fear about the first signs of aging or, at the other end of the scale, the search for a way to study better.
The publication consists of 20 instalments and is supported by a special web site and a series of special focus pamphlets. Each instalment includes a DVD and a booklet. The DVD contains three twenty-minute lessons about different aspects of a single theme. The booklet, 96 pages, includes exercises and games related to the theme of the three lessons.
The web site presents the product and also provides the opportunity to create an online community. The special focus pamphlets broaden the scope of the product and increase its appeal to collectors.

The series has been distribuited in Italy with Corriere della Sera (2009)

List of issues

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