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Chef Academy

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Chef Academy, the great culinary school with a book and filmed recipes, is the new and innovative culinary academy conceived to make cuisine accessible to everyone. Innovative in the choice of the instruments, a book and two DVDs that are perfectly integrated and interrelated, the course is also particularly innovative in the teaching method: the entry way to this extraordinary course passes through the video-recipes conducted by a master chef.

This is the great structural element of the work, and represents the moment of culinary and technical comprehension. Chef Academy consists of 16 issues, each with two DVDs and a book. Each issue is dedicated to a single course: these range from hors d’oeuvres to desserts, from the ingredients to basic techniques, from preparations to correct use of the instruments.

In the first DVD, “Culinary School”, a chef will explain the basic techniques step by step, reveal the tricks of the trade, narrate anecdotes and explain exquisite recipes. For example, these range from how to crack an egg using only one hand, to techniques for cutting vegetables, from the secrets of how to prepare an impeccably traditional Amatriciana sauce, to refined and unusual recipes such as fillet of sole with Parmesan cheese and green grapes, and then goes on with many other recipes, each completed with useful and simple suggestions for preparing perfect dishes.

In the second DVD, “Chef on Stage”, some of the finest Italian chefs will conduct a lesson and lead students through the preparation of all types of courses: they will reveal their own famous dishes, directly from the kitchens of their own restaurants.

Each book will include the same recipes with step-by-step illustrations, techniques and suggestions. This will always be available as a quick and efficient reference book. Chef Academy will make it possible for everyone to cook perfect dishes and to easily learn the techniques and secrets of the great chefs, in a fascinating excursion into the culinary world.

The course has been published in Italy with:

Donna Moderna (2010)
TV, Sorrisi e Canzoni (2010)

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