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Computer&English NO PROBLEM

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Computer&English NO PROBLEM
is an innovative multimedia course that unites computer training with English lessons. It is intended especially for beginners, who are not familiar with either new technologies or the English language. The purpose of the course is precisely to break the ice on these two subjects.

Computer training
- The course will lay the foundations for using the computer and Internet, searching for information on the web, saving search results and making active use of web services such as: making purchases, online banking, compiling request forms, registering for courses and participating in discussions.
- Other lessons involve security, virus protection, spam, protection of personal data and web access for children.

Beginner’s English
- Numerous sit-com episodes illustrate correct use of English in a great variety of situations.
- A teacher accompanies discovery of the language step by step, illustrating the principal rules of grammar and syntax.

Each installment includes three instruments:

- A video DVD that can be viewed either on a TV or a Personal Computer. The DVD is the core of the course.
- A printed manual, including additional computer exercises, grammar lessons, in addition to a glossary and a vocabulary of useful terms.
- A CD-Rom containing additional computer and English exercises, to evaluate progress and acquisition of concepts.

Each DVD contains:
- Computer lessons, in two parts:
- The lesson in itself, focused on two main subjects, illustrating how to use the computer for work, fun and education.
- The summary, listing the principal contents of the lesson.

English lessons, in three parts:
- The sit-com episodes, with the adventures of three young people who share an apartment. The episodes have been created especially for this course and therefore follow a specific, didactic line of development.
- The English lessons, focusing on grammar, syntax, vocabulary, typical expressions and phrases.
- Highlights on grammar and vocabulary, using a digital drawing board to review the grammatical rules and the words introduced during the lessons.

The series has been distributed in Italy with Gente (2008)

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