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Digital World

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Here’s the key to digital culture!
Digital World is a course that provides a panoramic introduction to digital technologies, not only in relation to computers and computer programs, but also other types of digital devices and their operating systems that have now become common appliances such as digital photography, file sharing, digital video, online games, digital music and online banking.
Finally these themes are treated in a practical way, and not as abstract concepts, to satisfy the real needs of users.

Each installment includes a CD-rom, a DVD and a booklet. The CD-rom is the core of the course, while the booklet contains additional information and details about the same themes. The DVD is a particularly innovative component of the course: an expert illustrates a great variety of situations where digital devices are used and effectively demonstrates how to use them.

The absolutely innovative character of this course is immediately evident from the description of the instalments: it clearly focuses on the digital technology that everyone uses every day, often without any real background about how it should be used.

The series has been distribuited in several countries:

in Spain by El Mundo (2008-2009)
in Italy by Repubblica and L’Espresso (2009)
in Portugal by Diario de Noticias (2009)
in Italy with Sole 24Ore (2009)
in Portugal by Jornal de Noticias (2010)

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