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English Fitness

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English Fitness ® is a brand new English course, designed for learning and improving language skills week by week. The course is a very flexible tool, which offers a wide range of examples of different real life situations, thus giving the opportunity to learn specific vocabulary related to a particular field. The course is aimed to boost language learning according to individual needs, thanks to an innovative approach.
English Fitness ® allows one to continuously improve their language anywhere, through a choice of different supports: DVD-video, booklet and online exercises.

The contents are constantly renewed, and refer to real-life situations, based on the following themes:
• Business Life
• Health and Fitness
• Travel & Entertainment

The whole course is composed by 30 units. Each unit is made up by two didactical moments:

1. Learning: 1 sitcom episode (Everyday Life) + language focus with a teacher + language practice with a teacher. The sitcom episodes presents the adventures of the family Frazer, and the didactic purpose is an easy-going approach using the grammar and vocabulary structures of English language.
2. Training: 3 episodes of real life + 3 training session with a language trainer (devoted to Business, Health and Fitness, Travel & Entertainment). The episodes of real life are played by the members of the family Frazer in specific context. Each character is associated with a particular language area: the mother with business, the father with health and fitness and the daughters with travel and entertainment. The didactic purpose is learning and studying in-depth syntax and vocabulary in a specific context.

The booklet presents the scripts of all videos contained in the DVD, and a vocabulary section.

Each unit is also accompanied by a series of 20 online exercises aimed at developing writing and oral understanding.

The course has been launched:

in Italy by Corriere della Sera (2009-2010)
In Spain by RBA Colleccionables (2011)

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