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Over 400 million people in the world speak Spanish: knowing this language is an undeniable advantage for work, study and pleasure. has produced Español24, the cutting edge Spanish language video-DVD course aimed at anyone who wants to learn and/or improve their Spanish for personal or professional reasons.

Español24 is a multimedia course based on a system of levels which lead the learner in a planned and progressive manner from a basic level to an advanced one.

The course uses a variety of tools, from the most up-to-date (video DVDs) to the more traditional ones (paperback manual, audio CD), maximising the potential of each one's distinctive characteristics to entirely fulfil the course objectives set out by each level. Each of the 24 box-sets which make up the course includes:

  • one video DVD, which can be used either with a television or with a PC. The DVD is the core of the course, and contains 3 or 4 lessons structured around a video Section alternating Sit-Com style episodes and Focus sessions with the teacher;
  • One audio CD, containing the transcription of the DVD episodes and further useful lessons and exercises. An excellent tool for revision and preparation;
  • A Paperback manual with basic notions of Spanish grammar and serves as a useful guide to the comprehension of the videos.

Español24 is based on a didactic method of assisted learning by which the contents are not simply laid out in progressively harder levels but rather organized within a formative process guided step by step by a reliable and competent "private tutor". Each lesson is structured like a typical one-to-one lesson in which the tutor uses the narrative episodes as didactic material. These episodes are linked by a storyline like a TV Sit-Com, touching on a wide range of themes and situations.

The course has been distributed in several countries:
in Italy jointly with Il Sole 24 ore (2007) and Il Corriere della Sera (2007), 
with Repubblica (2008) and Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni (2008).
In Brasil with ABRIL (2009-2010).
In Portugal with Correio da Manha (2009-2010).
In Italy with Corriere della Sera (2012).

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