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Great Museums in DVD

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An incredible collection dedicated to the world’s most important museums of the World.

This collection is composed by different medias:
•    DVD
•    Book
•    Mp3 version of the audio content, compatible with all new mobile phones.

Different media, different needs
The variety of media covers a multiple needs:
•    The DVD: To create a virtual visit to a museum or to prepare oneself before a trip.
•    The Book: An art volume in pocket-sized format for use as a museum visitor guide and souvenir.
•    The PodCast content downloadable to an iPod: a real & true audio-guide, complementing the book for the real life visit.

The DVD presents:

An introductive video, activated at the start of the DVD shows a general overview of the museum;
Next a graphic menu is initialized from which the following five options can be chosen:
o    Visit the Museum
o    The Rooms
o    The Masterpieces
o    The Collections
o    The History of the Museum

The Book:
•    An art catalogue in pocket-sized format, graphically designed & richly illustrated.
•    A flexible guide to be used during one’s museum visit.
•    A cherished art book for the home library.
•    Contents organised by room, group of rooms, or in the case of particularly large museums like the Louvre, by section & subsection.
•    Each room or group of rooms is presented on two or more spreads, is accompanied by introductive text & is illustrated with a selection of works of art with caption & credit information.
•    The highlighted masterpieces accompanied with full caption details belong to the “Unmissables” route, also produced as a spread of illustrated indices to be found at the front of the book. These indices allow the user to selectively access the most famous & noted works.
•    Designed to be used during the museum visit.
•    The user can download the audio files with the introduction to the museum and to the commentaries to the “Unmissables”.

The series has been published:

in Portugal by PUBLICO (2010)
in France by Le Figaro (2011)
in Argentina by Clarín (2011)
in Italy by La Repubblica-L’Espresso (2012)

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