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From now on everyone can become the director of his or her own emotions thanks to this brand new DVD video course.
Learning from mistakes along the way, students can shoot their own photos and films right from the first DVD.
Students already familiar with digital photo and video cameras can refine their abilities and learn professional techniques to improve their production.
This course is based on the principle that it is not necessary to have expensive equipment in order to turn out beautiful photos or beautiful films. In fact, one of the goals of the course is to teach students how to obtain fine results with the equipment they have. It is not the camera that makes the difference but how it is used to express the creativity of the photographer.
The course, structured in 20 installments, begins by introducing some basic techniques that are valid for both still and film photography, then concentrates specifically on still photos and finally on filming.
Each installment includes three instruments: the video DVD, the coursebook and the online portal.
The DVD, core element of the course, presents a series of lessons that introduce a real application of the subject being discussed in a simple, engaging and pragmatic manner.
The coursebook that accompanies each DVD presents additional exercises related to the subject matter of the lessons, enabling each student to create a personal archive, in addition to an essential glossary, all accompanied by exemplary photos and schemes. The booklet thus serves to extend the learning process and to fix the notions acquired by means of the other course instruments.

The online portal provides the opportunity to extend the diffusion of the course, including an innovative section of thematic channels equipped with community functions for sharing photos and experiences with other course participants and for accessing the knowledge and advice of our experts.

The series has been distribuited in several countries:

in Italy with La Gazzetta dello Sport (2008-2009);
in Portugal with Diario de Noticias (2010);
in Spain with El Mundo (2010);
in Spain with National Geographic - RBA Coleccionables (2011).



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