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Vermeer: The Impossible Exhibition

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All of Vermeer’s works in a single app: a must-have for art lovers!

Vermeer: The Impossible Exhibition is a one-man show of images and video clips about the famous Dutch master. It is truly a virtual art gallery with four interactive halls to explore at 360°, arranged to include all the works of the artists for a total of 42 high resolution digital reproductions.

The app offers even more than exhibition because, in addition to the paintings, it also includes a myriad of video-analyses, texts and visual details, comparisons, anecdotes and facts, a database with title, date and location search functions, and a special image search engine to identify the hidden details in Vermeer’s works. The app also includes a biography of the painter, a virtual tour of Delft (his birth place), a handy gallery to compare the proportions of the paintings, and a timed puzzle game to put observation and memory to the test.

Vermeer: The Impossible Exhibition for iPad

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